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My name is TJ Pence and I am the founder of Pence Plants.  I have been an avid gardener for most of my adult life.  I've been known to have a "green thumb" and have the ability to recognize unique, unusual plants.

I have been a resident of Southern California for more than 40 years and married for 34 of those years with 2 wonderful adult children.  Southern California had been in a serious drought.  During that time,  I became interested in drought resistant plants to beautify my own garden.  I became fascinated by the changing colors of succulents and the durability of cacti.  To my amazement,  both often adorn beautiful blooms!  The beauty of these plants can be mesmerizing.  I couldn't wait to share this captivating beauty with other people. 

Over time, I sought out as much information about these plants as I could acquire.  I began purchasing plants that I found appealing and began selling them to cactus/succulent enthusiast.  Thus,  Pence Plants was born.  I take pride in providing high quality plants at a fair price for others to enjoy.